Managing risk as you scale your business

“Trena took the time to listen to everything a Board Member and I had to say and reviewed what we were working on. What would it look like to scale the program locally, regionally, and nationally…GLOBALLY? Trena is easy to talk to and really opened my eyes to WHAT’S POSSIBLE.”(Entrepreneur, Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Centre)

With the business world being more complex than ever, entities will likely encounter multifaceted challenges when they embark on global expansion, requiring them to adhere to entirely new rules and regulations. That’s why businesses need to plan well and establish a governance framework to facilitate their adjustment to new and changing business conditions. FD Global Connections Governance for Global ExpansionTM  program works with businesses to establish Governance frameworks that support their growth aspirations.

At FD Global, we work with business leaders to develop frameworks to manage their risk. We educate leaders on all aspects of Governance, from Advisory Committees to Governance Boards and transitioning to International Boards, we ensure leaders are well-briefed, have the framework and processes. Through our professional networks, we assist leaders to identify and connect with experienced, qualified non-executive directors – potential candidates for Committee and Board roles.

FD Global Connections CEO, Trena Blair is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has a board portfolio of Advisory Committees and Governance Boards. The Australian Institute of Company Directors has also engaged Trena to develop and facilitate a 12-month program for female entrepreneurs on the basics of Governance, the role of mentors, and establishing Advisory Committees and Governance Boards.

Ultimately good governance is about effectively managing business risk. We have developed proprietary tools and templates to support leaders to identify and engage experienced Governance professionals, across all stages of the business lifecycle, and industries.

You may be a business seeking advice on establishing Governance processes, or an organisation seeking to educate your members on Governance. Apply now to arrange for a confidential conversation.