“Working with FD Global on a comprehensive nearshoring strategic report and site recommendation has been a pleasure. Their team were more than just professional service providers, we considered them as part of our working team during the project.”(ASX listed Medical Device multi-national, Director Global Strategy.)

ABOUT USA Market Discovery

Market Research is essential before you start expanding. We put a laser lens on understanding and identifying current industry trends to identify your future clients buying behaviours, competitor positioning and messaging. These are just some of the areas we investigate. What we do know is every client is unique requiring different requirements.

We don’t assume your client in the USA is the same as your home market. Buyers are all unique and with our deep research capability, we can identify, profile and recommend the easiest way to connect with them.

Preparing to expand into a global market can be exciting, but significant time, effort, and cost will be wasted unless you prepare sufficiently.

At FD Global Connections, we are engaged to undertake deep, confidential, independent research for our clients. The following are just three examples of research we have undertaken for clients:

  • A manufacturing company required in-depth research on the Laundry Industry in the USA. Starting with a macro assessment, FD Global provided key industry insights and trends, product positioning, distribution and networks at Government, potential distributors and retailers.
  • An ASX listed medical device company engaged FD Global to research all 50 USA markets to assess the ideal location for their US manufacturing plant. Nine criteria were identified to assess each State, and ultimately five States were identified as the most suitable.
  • A Financial Services (SaaS) company engaged FD Global to undertake research to establish their US office, and build a network in the industry.

Uncovering the USA market prior to launch is key to your future success.

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