Our prestigious New York City Immersion Program is specifically for B2B Tech businesses around the globe expanding into the USA.

New York is the financial capital of the world, and a globally recognised tech hub. It’s a magnet for entrepreneurs and founders across many sectors – fintech, climate tech, health/med tech, edtech, fashiontech, the arts, media and manufacturing – to name just a few.

Also, New York’s support for women and minority business owners is well documented, with a staggering USD16B allocated in 2015 (for 10 years) to support these sectors.

Every tech company wants to compete in the concrete jungle! And why not? With 1,752 international companies in the Empire State, there is a great opportunity to meet with prospects and partners, investors and professional service companies to support global expansion.

Our established (and the original) New York Immersion Program gives you access to the best of what New York has to offer. Our fully curated program offers businesses the opportunity to connect with New York City entrepreneur ecosystem, corporate networks, investors, educators and professional service companies to facilitate a successful USA market entry.

Businesses who have started to scale into the USA, and require additional traction are also encouraged to apply.


Here are some considerations – but don’t let these stop you from applying!
  • Ready to scale which could mean one or any of these following:
    • Strong market presence in at least 1 market;
    • Several well-known brands as clients,
    • Demonstrated $ turnover and % growth,
    • Capital to expand,
    • Committed team ready for this journey.
  • You are committed to scaling into the USA market – this isn’t a research mission. You will be meeting with investors, potential partners and prospects and they want to know you’re committed to the market.
  • If you’re already scaling but don’t have the network or not getting traction, also join; we can fast-track your growth through our networks.
  • You have budget to join the program.



How do I register?
Click the “Application Open” button on this page. It only takes 3 minutes!
Who are the Partners involved in the Program?
Since 2017, we have partnered with New York’s most experienced and valuable supporters of companies expanding into the US. Government, Lawyers, Accountants, Strategists, PR/Marketing Professionals are just some partners within our close network.


We have organised over 50 individual investor pitch meetings for past participants with major investment groups.


We have organised one-to-one meetings with over 70 companies for partnership discussions with companies.


This is your chance to get in front of those you need to meet.

How many places are available in the program?

Places are limited – each company will be assessed to ensure they are ready for the program.

When can I apply?

Applications are open. The process takes 5 minutes – but the program could be the ultimate “game-changer” for your business!

Who can apply for the Program?
Companies ready to scale, or are scaling and require additional support to connect with US investors and/or prospects.

It is mandatory for all participants to attend all webinars, presentations and meetings both prior to commencing in New York and also during the week in New York.

What else do I need to know?
There is a cost to join the Program. Those businesses that submit an application will receive details.

We do NOT:

  • Take Equity from participating companies
  • Own the Intellectual Property of any participants. All Intellectual Property developed by the applicants is retained by each respective applicant
  • Guarantee the ultimate success of each participants.
What is the cost? Are there any grants available to assist me financially with the program?

There is a cost to join the Program. Businesses that apply will receive full details of costs associated with the Program.

Check with your local government on Grants available to support your global expansion goals.




I'm interested but my business isn't quite ready. What can I do?

FD Global Connections specialises in working with companies to prepare for the USA.


Email us at enquiry@fdglobal.com.au to schedule a time for a discussion on your readiness to scale into the US and beyond.