USA Payments Systems – What Australian Exporters Must Know

This is a unique opportunity to learn from one of the globe’s leading payments experts, Jan McGrath. In a fireside chat with Trena Blair (CEO FD Global Connections), we will cover topics including:

– How USA payments providers approach product innovation?

– What do you need to consider when you are looking to partner with them?

– What are the areas to address to deliver a successful partnership with a bank?

– What do USA banks looks for when they are considering adopting a 3rd party partner?

– What are the testing methodologies used by payment providers and how to manage these as a 3rd party provider?

We will also cover areas you must address to obtain access to the US financial services industry:

– Regulatory regime – what licenses are required and by when?

– Compliance requirements at Federal and industry level

Too often Australian payment startups believe that by simply dropping what they have built for the Australian market will automatically apply to the USA. But there are basic Payments 101 questions such as:

– “Why are cheques the most popular payment method?

– “How is EMV implementation progressing”?

– “What is NSS?”

– “What is ACH?”

In this fireside chat we will cover these topics and more with an Australian expert just returned from the US, and who has developed and implemented major payment initiatives across 8 countries.

Introducing Jan McGrath:

Jan is a global leader in payment innovation, loyalty & rewards, change management & business transformation. She has worked for more than 35 years across the world including the USA, UK, Japan, Mexico and Hong Kong driving adoption, usage and leading the design and delivery of new credit, debit, prepaid, mobile and digital payment solutions and associated value add applications. Jan has lead the delivery of projects such as Mondex electronic cash, EMV (chip) migration strategies in 8 countries and prepaid cards that included loyalty and rewards for value add and product enhancement.

She has a Master’s degree in Innovation & Change Management which adds a further dimension to her extensive experience in design, delivery and leadership of major programs of innovation and new ways of working within the payment industry.

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