Treely Revolutionises Educational Spaces with Innovative 3D Learning Product

In a landscape flooded with edtech launches, Treely, a pioneering educational solutions company that debuted in 2023, is turning heads by starting with a 3D product. The evidence backing 3D objects’ impact and memorability over 2D counterparts promises to revolutionise teaching, making it more engaging for educators and yielding faster outcomes for students.

Founder Sherryn Deetlefs identified an unmet need within educational institutions unable to revamp their spaces due to financial constraints. “After years in education supply, engaging with Centre Managers, it was evident that creating inspiring learning environments positively influences families and staff,” shared Deetlefs.

The genesis of Treely stemmed from a vision for a versatile, impactful product tailored to diverse learning needs. The Storyteller Tree, conceived over two years of contemplation and collaboration, stands as an innovative centrepiece reshaping learning environments.

Treely’s inception traces back to the founder’s involvement in educational programs and mentoring within diverse school systems. With its adaptable design—offering different heights, leaf kits, and a vine kit—Treely transforms spaces, adapting from enhancing early education to celebrating cultural events, drama productions, and engaging storytelling sessions.

A trial installation at Kings Christian College sparked widespread interest and discussions across age groups. Notably, students naturally gravitate towards the Tree, fostering community in classrooms. Educators affirm its impact: “The Storyteller Tree definitely fosters community in the classroom.”

Treely’s disruptive approach to education heralds a new era of interactive, impactful learning spaces, promising a future where learning isn’t just taught but experienced. But this is just the start, the vision is to build and educate the audience to drive demand. FD Global Connections‘ Mentor Trena Blair has been instrumental in guiding Treely’s Founder in building relationships with wholesalers in education supply companies. “Our 2024 theme is Display and Discussion, so our audience really understands the impact available to schools and students”.

Treely partners with schools to enhance the charm and creativity of learning environments with the Storyteller Tree, a versatile 3D educational tool. It simplifies teaching, boosts engagement, whether in libraries, on stages, or during lessons on sustainability, climate, and well-being. Plant one today to transform learning.