The Fix: Powerful and Proven Supplements Tailored to Treat Specific Period Symptoms

Our journey to creating The Fix began with the realisation that whilst our female hormonal cycles have tremendous power, our overriding experience of our menstrual cycle is negative. We have lived for decades with our period symptoms, which we always thought we had to accept as ‘part of the deal’ of being a woman.

Our vision is a world where women have the empowering feeling of taking back control of their period symptoms, their days and their lives.

We successfully launched The Fix just over a year ago, starting on our own e-commerce site and then moving very quickly into pharmacy. Having heard about the Boosting Female Founder grant, we applied and were pleased to hear we were accepted and were offered mentoring in our selected field as part of the programme. Our focus was international expansion, leading us to Trena Blair and FD Global Connections.

From the outset, we were reminded that businesses are built on a network.

The age-old saying, ‘It’s not what you but who you know’ holds a certain type of ‘privileged stigma’. But who you know comes with effort and intent.

Trena encouraged us to become cognisant of our network and how extensive it had become over the two decades of our careers, we had barely realised that our network had been the very backbone of our existence. As entrepreneurs, you need a lot of specialist skills, agility to adapt, and the ability to expand your knowledge but you absolutely don’t have it all. So you need help, you need skillsets and introductions, you need door openers and advice and most of this must come from the people that surround you. The ones you know and the ones you are yet to know. Since our mentoring programme, we have implemented more rigour around our formal networking tools. A lasting soundbite from Trena,

Don’t ever leave a call without two more names or introductions”.

A staged approach to scaling is more than a plan on paper. Get in the market and learn.

We were partnered with Trena for her expertise in global expansion, specifically USA. Although we knew we had significant hurdles to overcome like trademarking and regulations, we had overlooked the nuance. Trena mentored us through the market readiness criteria, the sheer size of the market and how to consider each state or territory. The steps required before we embark on a market less familiar than our own. The absolute necessity of having on-the-ground and first-hand experience.

And of course, once you’ve entered what does success look like? Like staging the approach, with lofty ambitions we need clear and systematic criteria for assessing new markets and then once entered, the critical nature of how success could be measured. Like most growing companies, we will always be learning, researching and networking, so when we are ready we have less at risk, we are business and founder fit and we can confidently take the steps required for successfully entering new terrain.

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