The catalyst for Cloudcase’s expansion

For Cloudcase Software Solutions Co-Founder & Principal responsible for the business strategy and execution, Roger Manu, the most important part of the FD Global Connections NYC Immersion FinTech Program was the clarity provided about the potential opportunities in the US market, and the pathway to capitalize on them. Click here for details on Cloudcase

Cloudcase is a specialized software company focused on providing clients innovative process automation solutions for the Banking and Financial Services industry. Founded in 2015 in Sydney, Australia, Cloudcase as a business built on highly calibrated planning, research, and an analytical approach. “That might be called “old school” in a world where hyper-growth and constant fundraising are considered to be the norm, but it has allowed us to build a company on real terms, with a strong, viable long-term revenue stream and profit margin”, explains Roger.

This means that for new markets, Cloudcase prefers to approach expansion from an angle of strong research and development rather than simply leaping into the unknown.

Before joining the FD Global Connections’ NYC Immersion Fintech Program, Roger had an idea about how to enter the market, but he hadn’t completed the discovery process. The program allowed him to identify prospects and contacts that could become the next phase of their US market entry.

The highlight of the program was the detailed workshops. Each guest speaker was able to show an enormous breadth of general knowledge about the differences, commonalities, and adjustments that needed to be made across corporate structures, governance, legalities and even US accounting processes.

FD Global’s program allowed Roger to understand not just the next steps to take, but the right order in which to take them, to streamline his approach and achieve success. The program gave him a real determination to enter the market and convinced the Cloudcase team that it would be the right fit.

Roger believes that many of the USA FinTechs are operating in an almost archaic way, which gives Australian scaleups a light-year head start, and means the market is a huge opportunity if you know how to approach it.

For Roger, being a part of the NYC Immersion FinTech Program was a catalyst. His next focus looking into 2020 is to make sure the chain reaction continues.

“I thought the exposure program was excellent,” he said. “It was well prepared, it was extraordinarily well thought out, and as a company director, it provided me with the overview and the knowledge I needed to be able to weigh up the benefits of the US market and determine the first steps to realize and capitalize on the opportunity.”

“Trena is a consummate professional, and the program was smooth, well-honed and timed, and was a great use of his time and resources.”

This 2019 New York City “Fintech” Immersion Program was generously sponsored by Discover Global Network

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