The Aussie Mom Who Put Her House on the Line for Her Business ‘Strucket’

Mum of 3 Kelly Lavery never finished school, but now she is in demand to share her journey via a Case Study with Griffith University.

But this incredible Aussie success story didn’t come easy, six years ago Kelly put her house on the line to develop the ‘Strucket’.

Her design, the Strucket 19L, a patented Strainer Bucket which includes an interlocking connection, was soon picked up by Aldi and Bunnings and is now sold in the US, Canada and the UK.

“Most importantly its manufactured in Australia, keeping all the profits on Aussie shores,” she says.

Despite selling more than a quarter of a million ‘Struckets” and with orders not slowing down anytime soon, Kelly knew it was time for the company to grow.

“We couldn’t build a sustainable company based on one product alone.  We had to keep innovating and expanding our product catalogue.” Kelly tells.

Her latest gadget the ‘Strucket Teenie’ is designed to get kids grating, juicing, pouring and straining in the kitchen, sans the mess and sharp edges…all in a compact, easy to store device.

“We had solidified ourselves in the laundry space and it was time to expand our range to the kitchen, we are excited to share the Strucket Teenie.” She says proudly.

There’s no doubt innovation is in Kelly’s blood, her latest gadget, has already picked up a Good Design Award, before it even launched this month,

“Once you invent a successful product, you get a bit hungry to get the journey going and a whole new world of creation appears.”

“It’s been an incredible journey, I have really boot strapped it the whole way, and have just taught myself everything. We have grown simply from me finding a solution to a problem and dedicating the time and space to learn.

“Our recipe for success is that we have worked hard, and we have looked after the company, like a newborn.  We deliver products that impress our customers and they are proud to share them with their friends and family.”

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