The Ask: Super-Rewards – Seeking Big Databases to Deliver “Super” Loyalty

Super-Rewards is an award-winning shopping platform where superannuation meets loyalty. Spend at 400 of Australia’s leading retailers – Apple, eBay, Catch, The Iconic, The Good Guys – and cash back into your existing super account!

Super-Rewards is free to join, and there are no charges. The retailers pay us a commission for sending them shoppers; we share this commission with you. We’re compatible with any super fund or SMSF – think of us as a power charger for your super.

And remember that ‘shopping’ isn’t just fashion and beauty: we have business brands, small & local brands, health services – the list goes on. The average commission offered on the platform is 5.4%. So, if I spend $100, I earn $5.40 into my super.

And we’ve recently added a couple of retailers who can contribute much bigger cashback amounts, including earning up to $500 Super-Rewards with a mortgage provider.

The Ask: we’re asking for introductions to:

  1. High-value product brands. Do you know anyone senior at any real estate franchises? Car companies? Fuel companies?
  2. Big, engaged databases. Do you know anyone who has tens or hundreds of thousands of people in their group, who would be interested in earning super? Examples might be small-medium enterprises, or investment platforms, or groups of 50+yo
  3. Large employers / benefit programs. Do you know any of these who would like to promote Super-Rewards to their employees?
  4. Super funds. Do you know any senior people in management or innovation of super funds. Post covid, there are 3 million people who need to rebuild their super…Super-Rewards is the perfect way to do it.

Email: if you can assist the Super-Rewards team.

Thank you in advance for your introductions, and happy shopping!