The Ask: Seeking Investors for Global Expansion

Paysme is a UK-based company on a mission to deliver ‘FinTech with Impact’ by creating the first-ever Super App of financial services to help underserved small business communities transition to the digital economy.

Everything we do is centered around our customers’ needs with embedded outcomes that contribute a meaningful impact for traditional SMEs, who are the heartbeat of our local communities.

Our mission & purpose aligns with at least 5 UN Sustainable Development Goals & our customer-driven results can be seen, measured & communicated daily, including:

1. Financial Inclusion – access to fairer financial services from a single platform including mobile payments, e-commerce, digital banking, accounting, insurance, pension, lending, loyalty & rewards

2. Sustainable Communities – facilitate the transition to electric vehicles, sustainable packaging, minimising food waste & recurring charitable donations via Paysme apps

3. Shareholder Democratisation – a crowdfunding, cashback rewards & innovative ‘evergreen’ share save scheme has enlarged our Shareholder base to over 600 & still growing, where 75% of Shareholders (by number) are customers/advocates in 30 towns & cities

In the UK & Ireland, there are 6 million SMEs contributing over £2 trillion to the economy, so it’s vital this engine of growth is fully powered to stimulate activity.

Our customers include taxi drivers, market traders, high streets, sports clubs & other small businesses who are the fabric of our local communities. They have struggled to survive during the pandemic so will need a helping hand to compete with the big boys.

We have a golden opportunity to help rebuild our local communities to create a more inclusive & sustainable environment where SMEs recover, prosper & power our economy.

The Ask:

From June, Paysme is embarking on a £1m equity funding round to accelerate the rollout of our FinTech services to support more small businesses on their path to recovery.

We’ve already undertaken R&D on opportunities to bring Paysme to small businesses in the US and Australia with common pain points, so would love to hear from investors who would like to get actively involved and play an instrumental role in Paysme’s international expansion.

Please contact if you would like to join Paysme on our journey.