The Ask: Calling All Savvy Investors

Blisspot is an online wellbeing platform that provides support for individuals and businesses to grow and thrive.

Healthy workers are almost three times more effective at work than the least healthy, according to a Medibank Private Study. The study found that the healthiest employees work around 143 effective hours per month, compared to the least healthy, who work 49 effective hours per month.

Blisspot provides quality, accessible, and affordable wellbeing education and resources—with a community of over 80 leading global wellbeing experts contributing over 160 online courses, podcasts, and meditations.

Additionally, Blisspot has a wide range of free education and tools, to support, measure and track individual and company wellbeing.

Blisspot meets people where they are at on their wellbeing journey—while being scalable to cater for large organisation’s wellbeing requirements.

Blisspot provides fun and engaging wellbeing resources for team members to be their best, to do their best.

For every dollar spent on employee wellness, medical costs fall $3.27 and absenteeism costs drop $2.73—a $6-to-$1 return on investment (ROI). ~ Harvard research (2018)

In addition to ROI, there are other benefits to wellbeing programs such as increased employee creativity and workplace satisfaction, which can boost company retention rates.

Comcare research discovered that—company’s that do not provide effective wellbeing support for their team members—are four times more likely to lose talent over the next year. (2020)

Currently, there are new international standards being put forward by the International Standards Organisation in relation to psychological safety at work. These standards involve mental and emotional wellbeing support—transitioning from being an optional extra—to becoming mandatory for all corporations going forward.

Wellbeing programs can have a positive flow effect—in terms of productivity, profitability, and happy and healthy team members—making happy and healthy family and community members too.

Wellbeing skills and education contribute to making the world a better place.

The Ask:

  • Investors: We are closing investment on a Seed Round within the next few weeks.
  • Introductions to businesses who are looking to pilot wellbeing programs.

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