The Ask: BankVault – TestDrive Winning Cyber Solution

Online businesses want secure, frictionless access for customers. Forgotten credentials and clumsy 2FA choke user experience. Cybercrime doubled over the last 2 years to $6 Trillion, proving the “detect-respond” approach of Cybersecurity 1.0 fails.  Cybersecurity 2.0, is the new generation of technologies where design makes it incredibly difficult to compromise.  Leading this is “Passwordless Web Authentication” a $35 Bn sector today that analysts predict will top $456 Bn in 2030.

BankVault joined FD Global’s 2017 cohort to NYC. This germinated our company’s presence in the USA which now spans NYC, Boston and San Francisco. We released an amazing new technology last July at a NYC CyberTech, just hours after filing the Patent.  It won First Place and that launched MasterKey.

MasterKey is plug-n-play WebSecurity, a “Low-code/No-code” solution for Passwordless Web Authentication. It can be deployed on any website within hours (not months) making it 10-100x faster to implement than rivals, with:

  • No change to backend systems
  • No client software
  • No user setup (or training)

It is the only technology on the market today without any user-installed software, and therefore is invisible to users.  Webserver-controlled means it can be deployed instantly to a million users, without any Change Management.  Seamless access increases user engagement and strong security builds trust. This is a Win+Win for users, and that is a powerful business driver for online businesses.

MasterKey competes at the top end of the market, but the simplicity makes it easily accessible to small organizations too, which opens up the markets large Long-Tail.  It is currently operational in businesses ranging from Fintech to Newspapers, Healthcare to Education, and has trials commencing in two of the world’s largest Telco’s targeting a customer base of 100 million users.

Our Ask: 

  • Test Drive your website. The API is 20-lines of code which is done in as many minutes.
  • Investors: We are closing investment on an Extended Seed right now, ahead of a large Series A in 4Q2021.

Contact Graeme at if you can assist the BankVault team.