Smart Company Editorial: Storytelling is the secret to successful pitching

The most enduring living culture belongs to the country’s First Nations Peoples, dating back more than 65,000 years. Storytelling has been integral to their culture and traditions, passing tales of the Dreamtime, origin stories and history across generations. Through stories, First Nations Peoples connect with their land and ancestors and preserve their culture to inform future generations in an accessible way. Business leaders can learn from the ancient storytelling practices in indigenous cultures worldwide. The main lesson is the importance of – and ability to – take the spoken word and cultivate an emotional connection with the audience by sharing the past and generating interest for the future.

Storytelling in business is increasingly recognised as one of the most powerful tools for leaders to strengthen their brands and communicate their purpose, strategic vision and company values. Leaders are accustomed to telling stories in business through slide decks and podcasts, but storytelling is about so much more than delivery methods.

Funding is one of the four primary elements of the Business Growth Lifecycle. You may question why I am discussing storytelling and pitching and not focusing specifically on raising capital and the various methods of doing this. I believe all funding starts with the ability to tell a compelling, engaging story.

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