NYC Virtual Immersion Program is designed for businesses expanding into the US, with New York as their market entry point.

The fully curated program offers businesses the opportunity to connect with relevant New York City networks to facilitate a successful USA market entry.

Businesses who have started to scale into the USA, and require additional traction in NYC are also encouraged to apply.


Simple: Prove to us you are ready for the USA market (here are some guidelines):

Tell us what you need and our program can be custom designed specifically for you. Client connections? Investor connections? Top talent to represent your business? Professional services advisors? All of the above?

This program is unique and custom for each business – that’s our secret sauce!

But – here are some other considerations:

  • Turnover is AUD$1m
  • You are committed to scaling into the USA market – this isn’t a research mission
  • If you’re already scaling but don’t have the network or not getting traction, also join; we can fast-track your growth through our networks.


Key Dates

Register Your Interest and you will be the first to receive information on dates we are running this program.


How do I apply?

When applications are open, companies apply on our website. Your sales pitch deck will be required.

Who are the Partners involved in the Program?

Since 2017, we have partnered with New York’s most experienced and valuable supporters of foreign companies scaling up. Government, Lawyers, Accountants, Strategists, PR/Marketing Professionals are just some partners within our close network.


We have organised over 50 individual investor pitch meetings for past participants with major investment groups.


We have organised one-to-one meetings with over 70 companies for partnership discussions with companies.


This is your chance to get in front of those you need to meet.

How many places are available in the program?

Places are limited – each company will be assessed to ensure they are ready for the program.

When can I apply?

“Register Now” for the program and you will be the first to receive updates when applications open.

When will I find out if I have been accepted into the program?

When applications open, FD Global Connections will review all applicants to assess their readiness for the US market.

Who can apply for the Program?

Tech companies ready to scale, or are scaling an require additional support to connect with prospects.

It is mandatory for all participants to attend all webinars, presentations and meetings.

What else do I need to know?

There is a cost to join the Program. Those businesses that register will receive details.

We do not:

  • Take Equity from participating companies
  • Own the Intellectual Property of any participants. All Intellectual Property developed by the applicants is retained by each respective applicant
  • Guarantee the ultimate success of each participants entry into the USA market.
What is the cost? Are there any grants available to assist me financially with the program?

There is a cost to join the Program. Those businesses that register will receive details.


Australian participants are encouraged to investigate the following grant:





I'm interested but my business isn't quite ready. What can I do?

FD Global Connections specialises in working with companies to prepare for the USA.


Email us at enquiry@fdglobal.com.au to schedule a time for a discussion on your readiness to scale into the US and beyond.