SmallBizMatters radio interview with FD Global CEO

Earlier this month, FD Global Connections CEO, Trena Blair, was interviewed by Alexi Boyd (Broadcaster, Advocate and Small Business Owner) on her radio show, SmallBizMatters.

You can listen to our conversation HERE:

A lot of ground was covered including how does a business take flight when we are all grounded?

  1. Under what typical circumstances would you consider setting up an office overseas?
    • Examples of small businesses who have done just that?
    • Expanding on opportunities you may not have here in Australia
    • Is there a particular type of small business or sector of the economy which does this better?
  2. What’s involved in setting up and launching a business in USA?
    • Visas
    • Office space
    • Restrictions about being an overseas-based business?
    • Cultural differences?
    • Are there restrictions from the Australian side?
  3. What about a non-physical presence? Who can you utilise to help you?
    • What Sales support can you tap into offshore?
    • How are they paid – Retainer or Sales Commission or a combination?
  4. What are some of the pitfalls to setting up a presence overseas?
    • Growing too fast
    • Typical mistakes you see
    • Growing a network
    • Webinar – scaling during turbulent times.

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