ReCo Is Changing The Way The World Uses Plastic, One Jar At A Time

ReCo is Australia’s first female-led, community-driven refill delivery system to tackle plastic waste.

Since plastic was first commercialised 60 years ago, the world has only recycled 9% of plastic produced – 6.3 trillion kilograms of plastic waste are currently in the environment, and we keep generating more and more every day.

Recycling alone will never solve the problem. We are leading the reuse movement.

We are building a closed-loop hyperlocal refill delivery system, connecting local logistics and operations to provide a convenient solution for both brands and consumers to reuse packaging.

We work with premium eco-friendly product brands, offer their products in reusable glass jars, deliver to consumers, and collect their empty jars at the same time. The glass jars come back to our system for washing and reusing.

As a circular economy start-up, we keep our resources circulating locally only. According to Ellen MacArthur Foundation, transitioning to a refill model could cut down 80-85% of carbon emissions produced by a single-use model.

We’ve been bootstrapping and running a pilot for the past two years, serving customers in selected suburbs in Sydney. We also work with creative SMEs and large corporates to educate their employees and offer our products to help them start their circular journey. Together we’ve already saved thousands of plastic containers from being made into the world.

We were fortunate to match with Trena from the Federal Government’s Boosting Female Funding program. Trena’s mentorship, support and encouragement have helped us accomplish our milestones.

Some of the valuable lessons we’ve learned from Trena include business development and communication skill for corporate partnerships. But the most impactful is the enlightenment she’s shared with us as a recognised leader in business.

We often ask ourselves, as entrepreneurs in sustainability, how might we grow our business with the most genuine, caring and collaborative intentions? Can ambition and sustainability co-exist?

We’ve learned from Trena that it’s all possible and within our power to lead and create. We can pursue our ambitious business goals and be grounded and conscious – so that we can co-create a world where humanity can continue to grow and thrive without compromising the wellbeing of ourselves and our beautiful planet.

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FD Global Connections was formally appointed Mentor to Austrade’s “Boosting Female Founders Initiative”, (BFFI) a contract that runs for 2 years. ReCo was successful in their application to join BFFI in 2021/2022 and Trena was appointed their mentor over a 3 month period. FD Global also offers a direct mentoring Program which you can read here: PowerPlay Program