The Pandemic within the Pandemic

Domestic Violence or Intimate Partner Violence has surged right across the globe during the pandemic, aptly labeled as The Pandemic within the Pandemic (New England Journal of Medicine).

In Australia, the coronavirus restrictions, combined with unemployment and financial stress have caused domestic violence cases to surge across the country.  Those who work on the frontline say there are not enough resources to meet the demand for chronically underfunded support services.

The Postcards From Tomorrow project, organised by Australian tech entrepreneur Kim Chandler McDonald commemorates the 21st anniversary of Lou’s Place, the only daytime drop-in shelter in Sydney (Australia) for female victims of domestic violence.

A collection of more than 270 heartfelt letters, encompassing hilarity and heartbreak, insight and inspiration from an amazing array of women of influence and integrity writing to their younger selves. There are letters from women who are ‘household names’ as well as from women you will be introduced to, within its pages, for the first time.

I was honored to be selected to contribute to Postcards from Tomorrow with my very own letter to my younger self. As I re-read what I scribed, one paragraph resonated given the events of 2020; “You are courageous – even as a little girl jumping (on Goma) the highest fences at Pony Club! You will draw on this courage over the years and build the resilience to face the challenges that life inevitably throws at all of us. I can assure you that whatever struggles life may throw at you, everything will be ok.”

You can purchase “Postcards From Tomorrow” here, knowing you are sharing your spirit and support with Lou’s and enabling its team to continue their vital work.