Moroku: Building IP, Customers and Fintech Portfolio

With our core mission of building IP,  Moroku had its best year ever as we built IP, customers and our fintech portfolio in FY21.

Much of this IP development came from the customer engagements we won in FY 22 . We delivered a virtual investment trading game on GameSystem for the 5th largest bank in the world. 60% of their retail customers only had one product, with very few using their wealth management solutions. We designed and built a virtual investment trading mobile application on GameSystem that achieved an astonishing account opening click through rate of 60% in pilot.

We brought three fintech start-ups into the fold this year, to join Fintech Bank, where we spent much of the year putting the pieces into place that will, we believe, finally result in a Money Services Business-focused bank armed with substantial growth capital.

With more consumers requiring financial advice and less financial advisors, Scientiam presented us a challenge to provide independent financial advisors with a digital platform to scale their general advice businesses. During the year Moroku delivered the first production release and provided ongoing upgrades. With good advisor growth the platform connects to the 48th largest asset manager, Dimensional with $US 659 billion under management, for the opening of investment and superannuation accounts.

A Super Fintech brought a different challenge. How do we help customers living pay cheque to pay cheque begin to build better financial habits? We took them through our design process, On Ramp, including some of our research on why people act like they do and what they need to lean in on difficult subjects like money, learn key concepts, build money systems and start building habits. We exited the project with great results from testing and a decision to go into pilot.

Through the work and research concluded during the year, GameSystem 3.0 appeared and was rebranded as Odyssey to infer the journey of money. The invention was a set of player maps that combine a set of journeys with a complete range of money subsystems. These allow Odyssey to build an increasingly deeper opinion about the customer, mapping out where they have been on their journey, where they are now in terms of their money missions and where they may likely go next. As they do, users unlock a raft of money systems such as auto sweeps, rounds and bill optimisation. Players position themselves on the map through their habits. As they level up, they graduate from one league to the next. Odyssey recognises customer share of wallet and tenure, their relationship in time and space with the financial service provider, to offer up pricing and plans that reflect that loyalty and effort and guides them to stay longer and use more products, becoming stickier.

Its time for Serious Games to be an inherent part of financial services user journey design and delivery  and Odyssey is at the centre.

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In 2017, Moroku participated in FD Global Connections inaugural New York City Immersion Program, connecting them with investors, prospects and partners.  You can read more about our current program scheduled for 2023 here:  May 2023 New York City Immersion Program