How These Three Ex-Pilots Started a Global Software Company “TrendSpek”

Trendspek is fast becoming the global leader in a market category they defined – Precision Asset Intelligence (PAI). A software solution that delivers the most detailed 3D models of built assets so owners can optimise asset performance and mitigate risk through evidence-based decisions.

The three founders, Fiona, Derek and Mitchell, had a somewhat different path to leading a Global software company. Their journey began as global jet setters having all been airline pilots.

They started their first venture together back in 2013, Hoverscape. One of Australia’s first drone services companies. Having specialised in asset inspections, they quickly learnt that while it is one thing to collect imagery from drones, photos and video’s have no “smarts” behind them.

The founders needed a solution that made that imagery useable and actionable, and without an available solution globally, they were left to wait or build it….

………in 2018, Trendspek was born.

Typically with assets, that Status Quo is for owners to base their decisions on written static .pdf reports. The issue is that these reports are often subjective, limited in coverage and lack context.

Trendspek takes asset imagery typically captured by robotics and generates an engineering-grade 3D model of the complete asset – A Precision Reality Twin (PRT) – So detailed you can see the thickness of paint flaking.

With advanced analysis tools and customisable annotation cards, asset stakeholders can showcase fully interactive 3D reports of their asset’s condition, whether a building facade, water tank or bridge, without a site visit.

Ultimately it’s a better way to identify, prioritise and mitigate against risk while optimising the process and the asset.

Factors such as aging infrastructure mixed with unpredictable weather and a global skills shortage have seen Trendspek organically grow across 40 countries, including industries such as property, water, energy and infrastructure.

Partners that provide additional reporting layers for asset owners span global names such as ARUP for engineering, CBRE for CAPEX planning and Facilities Management to Marsh for risk engineering and broking.

Testament to Trendspeks product and growth has seen them complete their Series A led by Real Tech investor Taronga Ventures which will accelerate product development and its global expansion.

Trendspek is taking an industry that is still used to pen and paper and is taking them into an interactive 3D world… a truly revolutionary step for asset owners worldwide.

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