Small Business Answers Editorial: Guide to scale internationally

Nearly 70% of businesses fail when they attempt to scale and expand internationally. To help more companies join the 30% that do succeed, Trena Blair – Global Business Expansion Expert and Founder of FD Global Connections – has written her debut book Decoding Global Growth: How successful companies scale internationally.

As a global entrepreneur, Trena Blair has lived and worked in Australia and the USA throughout her 20+ year international corporate executive career, where she has worked with C-suite leaders and organisations including MasterCard, AGB Events and Austrade to deliver highly specialised international expansion and scaleup strategies to access the USA market, and beyond.

Trena has leveraged her expertise to author Decoding Global Growth, which is a practical guide designed to give any business the tools and confidence needed to launch globally. The book is the culmination of everything she’s learned, along with real-life case studies from some of the world’s most accomplished business leaders including Emma Lo Russo, Founder and CEO of Digivizer, Skander Malcolm, Chief Executive, Managing Director of OFX Group and Gemma Lloyd, the co-founder and CEO of WORK180. This is supplemented with research and insights from their learnings, whilst also weaving in historical context to support Trena’s proven processes.

The book is structured in four parts – setting the globalisation scene, how to lay the foundations for global growth, the key pillars for global growth, and an analysis of the top five global markets companies expand into. Each section covers content that can be applied to any business, including Trena’s proven scalability formula for success, how to develop the most effective go-to-market strategy, and various sales and distribution strategies, so every reader walks away with a clear path forward.

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