“Go People: Delivery Done Right”

The story of Go People started in 2014 as “PPost”, when it went to market to change the delivery industry and disrupt legacy delivery and courier rules, resetting the benchmark of how deliveries can be made.

Over a year was spent to build the product from scratch for multiple platforms including iOS App storeAndroid Google Play, and Web interface. Since the launch, Go People has achieved enormous growth, rising from $0 revenue in 2016, to close to $2,800,000 by the end of financial year in 2018, proving that businesses Australia-wide are on the hunt for a smarter, faster, simple delivery service.

“Just like how Airbnb has shaken the house renting market, and Uber has shaken the taxi industry, Go People will reshape the delivery world.” (21 May, 2015 by Wayne Wang)

Go People started out with only ‘On Demand’ services (Now known as GoNOW), evolving to ‘Same Day’ services offering ‘Set Runs’ in the morning and afternoon. Now known as GoSAMEDAY, this set runs combined a standardised service and set rates with the flexible nature of on-demand deliveries.

The company received major funding in 2016 and rebranded to ‘Go People.’.

Shortly after, in 2017, Go People introduced ‘Dedicated Runners’. Now known as GoSHIFT, this service was designed to offer a cost-efficient solution for Senders with a large volume of goods to send. Instead of paying per drop-off, Senders pay by the hour; this means that as the density and volume increases, the cost per delivery plummets.

‘GoSHIFT’ is now the preferred method for both Senders and Runners, with Senders booking their own 3 hour shift and Runners applying directly.

Beginning in December 2017, some of our Senders were given the option of GoSHIFT BYO, Go People’s first foray into fleet management software. In short, GoSHIFT BYO allows Senders to control and manage their own deliveries, including integrating their own drivers or fleet into the Go People system. This has now officially evolved to the three level Subscription plans with number of features for clients to optimize their fleet, allow their drivers to optimize routes and manage deliveries with superior experiences.

By the end of year 2018, Go People raised $7M in funding.

By April 2020, Go People realised cash flow positive.

By July 2020, Go People delivered 1 million deliveries. By May 2022, Go People delivered 5 million deliveries. By August 2022, Go People delivered 6 million deliveries.

How We Work

Senders book their deliveries or shifts and pay via the web based portal. A Runner applies via the smartphone app and Go People assigns to the most suitable applicant. The selected Runner then collects the consignment from the pick-up location and delivers it to the Recipient. Go People, Senders, Runners and Recipients benefit from GPS tracking live communication and instant proof of delivery from pick-up to drop-off. Delivery verification and signed confirmation is assured.

What We Do Now

  • GoVIP(Delivered to Sender’s own wills)
  • GoSAMEDAY(Delivered same day by providing up to 4 cut-offs a day)
  • GoSHIFT(Hire dedicated Runners and delivered within designated time frame))
  • GoSHIFT BYO (Bring customer’s own driver to use Fleet optimization, Route optimziation and delivery management with Go People technologies)
  • GoLOCAL(Hire dedicated Runners to do local back and forth deliveries. e.g. Restaurants delivering hot food)

GoPeople Website

GoPeople LinkedIn


FD Global Connections was engaged by GoPeople in 2022 to undertake our proprietary Global Scalability Audit on their business as the first step to expanding into the USA. FD Global’s audit prepares businesses to ensure they have the capability to expand. Developed over 8 years, our comprehensive “Boardroom to Basement” audit gives leaders a microscopic independent assessment across their business.  For further details, about FD Global’s Global Scalability Audit, click here: Global Scalability Audit