From Global Pandemic to Expansion: The Unstoppable Journey of Paysme

In 2022, Paysme demonstrated a combination of resilience by recovering from the financial impact of COVID, innovation with our real time sports stadium dashboard and execution by growing our customers in 3 core sectors of transport, retail and sport.

What makes this more satisfying is we achieved this with only 3 full time employees and no additional funding – the true definition of a lean start-up!

There was a big focus on rolling out our fintech super app solution to connect sports clubs, stadiums and fans to change the business of sport. We also completed R&D as we prepare for expansion into the UAE as the gateway to the fast-growing MENA region.

There have been many milestones in 2022, however our key achievements included:

In January we spoke about our fintech super app approach at Fintech Circle’s “Fintech Innovation for small businesses” conference. We also showcased our sports tech solution at Ignition, a new platform launched by Sports Pro Media to connect football clubs with new technologies.

In March we hosted our “Embedded finance and tech for sports clubs” event at Rise London, Barclays fintech hub with Sports Pro Media, Sports Revolution, Railsr, Boxx United and Barclays to discuss digital transformation in sport.

This was followed by Leaders in Sport conference in Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi where 400 attendees gathered to talk about the post-pandemic future and upcoming World Cup in Qatar. I had the privilege to meet Robbie Fowler, ex Liverpool and England player, warmly referred to as ‘God’ by his fans for scoring 120 goals in 236 appearances in his first spell at Liverpool.

It’s important to give back, so we hosted a seminar for Aston Business school students on Fintech/entrepreneurship in partnership with Insider London. We also participated in ‘The Future of Banking podcast, What SMEs really want from banking and Fintech’.

One of the best industry conferences is Fintech Talents, so we spoke at ‘FFT Embedded Finance & Super Apps’ in April, with a word of caution on growing complacency within the fintech sector particularly in BNPL.

By June our revenues recovered from the lows of the pandemic to reach record levels, generating recurring revenues from black cabs & licensed taxis in 59 locations, 287 street markets nationally and sports clubs.

We attended Seamless Middle East and DIFC Fintech week to meet new partners and investors in the MENA region. Then in July we partnered with Cambridge United Football Club as their Official Fintech Provider for the next 3 seasons to turn their stadium cashless.

In September we were proud to be recognized as an AWS Fintech Accelerator finalists among 50 esteemed fintech colleagues.

We finished the year securing a long-term partnership with a major financial institution, so now we can’t wait for 2023 as there is an abundance of exciting opportunities for Paysme to help underserved SME’s transition seamlessly to the digital economy.

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