Flying High, My Journey to Take Off

For many of us, 2022 has been a year of welcomed change. It has cautiously ushered in opportunities to travel and redefine business as usual. The holiday season is a natural prompt for reflecting on the year that has passed and setting our intentions for the year to come. Which is why it is rewarding to have to opportunity to share some of the highlights of 2022 and some insights I have learned while writing my new book, Brain Habits: The Science of Subconscious Success. 

First, let me introduce myself. I am Phillip John Campbell, cognitive scientist, executive brain coach, founder, and CEO of enigmaFIT. Over the last 25 years, I have delivered executive brain coaching to Fortune 500 executives and entrepreneurs across the USA, Europe & Asia Pacific. I have had the privilege of knowing Trena Blair as a friend, colleague, and trusted advisor who supported and co-ordinated the launch of enigmaFIT in New York in 2015. Trena is an agent of connection, creating opportunities for authentic networking and business development. She connected us with many of our current clients in the USA, including the Boston Consulting Group which was also our first client in New York.

This past year has seen many successes as our business model continues to service our international clients through remote online platforms and video conferencing. We have grown in our US market, expanded our reach in Europe through a new partner, and are currently exploring new partnerships in Asia. It has been a rewarding season, allowing me to develop my voice as an author.

Creating the opportunity to step back to collate my knowledge, research and experience and translate it into my new book has been enriching and full of valuable learnings. Having recently handed in my final manuscript, I feel like I have taken flight. It reminds me of when the wheels of a plane lift from the tarmac during the take-off on a flight, the preparation process has finished, and a new adventure awaits. Looking back, I learned a lot and want to take a moment to share three valuable insights on my road to being a writer:

  1. Know where you are going – Plan first, research second, write third and edit strategically
  2. Sound like yourself – authenticity will save you time
  3. Have a village mentality – reach for resources and wisely use a few trusted individuals to bounce ideas around

More than anything, I encourage you to share your message; it is something I will never regret doing. My book Brain Habits: The Science of Subconscious Success is taking flight late this year/early 2023. We will keep you posted, and it is now time for the next frontier.

Thankfully, in our new normal business world, we can still deliver our program internationally through videoconferencing platforms. However, I am more than ready to take to the skies and return to travelling and connecting with our clients in real life. Bring on 2023!

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