FD Global Helps Blisspot Nurture its Relationships in the US

To help you live your best life – that’s the goal of Blisspot, an online personal development community founded by serial entrepreneur Deborah Fairfull. The platform features articles by experts in the fields of emotional wellness, nutrition, wellness, family and relationships as well as access to a growing online community, expert insight and online courses.

While the business was founded in Australia, Deborah found that the platform had generated significant traction in the US, with the bulk of its member base residing there. As the former founder and CEO of Brave Design Group and Eatsmart Food, Deborah knew she had the expertise, experience and passion required to grow Blisspot, but wanted expert help to de-risk her international expansion and to make the most of opportunities in the US.

She turned to FD Global Connection’s NYC Immersion program to get Blisspot on the path to success. The program included Sydney-based workshops and mentoring as well as a fully curated week of presentations and individual meetings in New York City and ongoing support.

For Deborah, the program offered a unique opportunity to validate Blissport’s offering and business model and learn from established investors, businesses and entrepreneurs who “walk the talk.”

“The quality of the meetings and opportunities they presented far exceeded my expectations. It was exactly what I need to get to the next level,” said Deborah.

“Deciding to take my business to the US required a leap of faith. It was so great to receive such valuable feedback and a warm reception – I felt that my efforts really paid off.”

Blisspot is now discussing potential wellbeing partnerships with several corporates as a result of the recent time spent in NYC. While Deborah says it is early days, conversations are underway and she plans to return to the US soon to follow up existing opportunities.

“It is important to surround yourself with positive people who believe in you and your vision, especially as your business grows and you run into stumbling blocks. Now, I have a path to follow and a big market in the US,” added Deborah.