FD Global Connections is the “ultimate growth hack” for Super Rewards

Super Rewards is founded by two passionate women intent on solving one of society’s biggest challenges: the retirement pension gap for women. By facilitating workers to earn cash rewards via everyday shopping, retailers directly pay into superannuation accounts. Click here for details of Super-Rewards

Co-founders Pascale Helyar-Moray and Emily Hollingum joined FD Global Connections’ NYC Immersion FinTech Program and learned that just because the United States is one country, doesn’t mean that everything sits under one roof. The differing state and federal laws and regulations were incredibly complex to navigate, but the program’s workshops were able to break down the information in an accessible way without losing the detail and nuance of the requirements.

The key learning was that the team needed expertise and guidance; particularly for companies coming from Australia or the UK, Pascale believes that you have to find hands-on support and genuine knowledge from someone who’s very familiar with the US system and knows how to navigate the local challenges. FD Global was able to forge a connection between Super Rewards, and professionals and advisors on the ground.

Pascale was consistently impressed with how diligent Trena, CEO FD Global, and partners, were about making sure that her team was extracting value from every meeting and every workshop. They continually checked in during the week to ensure Pascale and Emily were getting the most out of the program, from the way the introductions were handled to the follow-ups and check-ins throughout their time in New York. The quality of the connections that were made available was beyond any network Pascale had come across and were key to the program’s value.

“It would have taken us five or 10 years of working in that market, to be able to meet this caliber of contacts and companies,” Pascale says.

“Working with Trena was the ultimate growth hack because it let us cut through so many levels and make a huge amount of progress towards expansion into the US. Not only that, we now have a far better handle on the necessary changes we need to make, and we have outlined achievable steps to get there.”

“It just confirmed to us that we’re on the right track. We need to make sure that we get into the market reasonably quickly before somebody else does, and we have the confidence and framework to do that.”

This 2019 New York City “Fintech” Immersion Program was generously sponsored by Discover Global Network

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