What is the FD Global Connections Community?

Great businesses don’t just happen on their own. They need the support of a strong ecosystem that nurtures talent, provides external guidance and ensures a prolific regulatory environment. FD Global Connections is a strong supporter of Australia’s startup ecosystem and we are proud to have worked with established companies to research startup, entrepreneurs and digital communities as potential partners. In short, we pride ourselves on facilitating connections (it is in our name!).

So, what does it mean to join the FD Global Connections community and who exactly do we connect you to?

Here are some of the amazing organisations that the startups we work with can tap for additional support and insight.

  1. Tyro FinTech Hub, Sydney

The Tyro FinTech Hub is Australia’s premier location for start-ups across the full spectrum of fintech. It has built a strong reputation locally and we are proud for the Hub to serve as homebase for FD Global Connections in Australia. Participants in our NYC Immersion Program enjoy full access to the Hub during the program, including the two full-day workshops at the beginning and finale event in Sydney as well as access to select Tyro mentors.

Andrew Corbett-Jones, Head of the Tyro Fintech Hub explained why this kind of collaboration is essential when expanding into a new market:

“You cannot underestimate how difficult it is to expand to another country, particularly one like the USA. And what FD Global Connections offers is almost impossible to measure in terms of the benefits to companies,” said Andrew.

“New York City is a global city, and many of the world’s biggest companies have established headquarters there, which makes it a very appealing market, but also a highly competitive one. I’ve known Trena for a while now – she mentors fintech startups here at Tyro Fintech Hub. Her dedication, expertise and integrity is second to none, and we are very pleased to be supporting her in advising and mentoring companies as they step onto the global stage.”

  1. LAB1492, New York City

Lab1492 is a market expansion platform that aims to fast track startups’ market entry into the U.S. as efficiently as possible, which makes them perfect to serve as our partner on-the-grown in New York City. It has decades of experience launching and growing startups across sectors, as well as decades of corporate experience across professional services, product development, business development, fundraising, go-to-market planning, and marketing. Additionally, the team at Lab1492 has developed a robust network of corporate executives and decision-makers as well mentors, investors, and service providers that we have worked with and vetted over a number of years.

Jennifer Byrne, Founder and CEO of Lab1492 says she is looking forward to working with the cohort of Australian startups:

“We are excited by the opportunity to advise and support Australian companies who join the program, and look forward to reviewing their USA strategies, meeting and working with them during their week in New York.”

  1. Australia’s most popular airline

Flights between Australia and the US can be tiring. That’s why we want to make the process as comfortable as possible! FD Global Connections is proud to partner with Qantas Business Rewards to support the NYC Immersion Program participants in reducing the cost of travelling to New York City. The partnership with Qantas recognises the growth of Australia’s innovation ecosystem and the strategic importance of supporting the local startup community.

  1. Additional partners and mentors

Participants in our NYC Immersion programs will also have the support of partners on the ground including Bank of America and WeWork NYC. Bank of America will host our participants at the recently opened Bank of America Tower (BOAT) at Bryant Park and founders will have the opportunity to work from one of WeWork’s newest locations, located right in Manhattan on Park Avenue.

Founders will work closely with leading mentors who bring program-specific expertise and skills to the mix such as Susan Lindner, and CEO and Founder of Emerging Media, an international, award-winning agency specialising in PR, Marketing, Branding and Social Media.

Participants also benefit from the network established by FD Global Connections CEO Trena Blair, an Australian native who has lived and worked in New York for over 10 years. Trena is well-respected in the startup community for her passion and proven track record for preparing and successfully launching Australian companies in the world’s biggest and most vibrant metropolis.

All of these connections help us better work with startups, small business and mid-sized companies to prepare for expansion into the US (specifically via New York City), build a realistic roadmap and go-to-market strategy for their business and better understand the local regulatory in environment in the US.

By conducting a thorough international readiness assessment, we can help founders Identify their business strengths and challenges and understand whether they are ready for international expansion. We help them demonstrate the feasibility of their business and map out what the first few years of operation will look like in the States and develop an action plan on how they will reach customers and gain a competitive advantage. That includes understanding which business, product, cultural and language nuances you will need to navigate. Importantly, our network proves its worth when it comes to getting your startup in front of potential clients and accelerating your growth.

The whole idea behind FD Global Connections is to take (at least some) of the stress out of expanding internationally into the US and to help local startups get established for success as quickly and effectively as possible.


Interested in learning more? Check out our current programs and apply now for our next NYC Immersion program which focuses on businesses that prioritise diversity.