Ensuring Corrivium is Ready to Go ‘Live’ in the US

Giving brands the confidence to go ‘live’ – that’s the goal of Corrivium. The Sydney-based startup works with the world’s leading brands to deliver a cutting-edge, live streaming experience for high-profile events.

The company had established its global network of digital professionals to support large scale events around the world and had begun to build an impressive client list, streaming events for businesses such as Amazon Web Services, Deloitte and the Miss Universe organisation.

With more than a decade’s experience in working with live online video, Corrivuim founder Steve Jones knew that the US presented an enormous opportunity for the business, due to the size and maturity of the market. US businesses are more familiar with the benefits of live streaming their events compared to those in Australia and understand the risk of working with a less experienced provider. The challenge, however, was mapping out a complete strategy for expansion, particularly in regard to the complicated tax implications associated with a global launch and the impact on the business.

“It was really important that I ensure the Australian part of our business was running smoothly and self-sufficiently, so that I could focus on developing and executing on the US launch strategy,” said Steve.

“I needed additional insight and expertise to better understand the challenges associated with entering the US market and to feel confident that the timing was right and the business fully prepared to grow globally.”

Corrivium turned to FD Global Connections for advice on how to best develop this strategy. FD Global Trena Blair worked closely with Steve to research the market opportunity, identify potential weaknesses in the strategy and make useful connections to experts such as US tax, immigration and legal professionals.

“Trena made excellent introductions for us. It’s been helpful tapping into the expertise of leading professionals who can provide real advice on our work in the US.”

“There are many elements for us to consider, from identifying and hiring the right staff, generating the revenue required to support a global headcount, continuing to hit key growth milestones and ensuring the business is on a stable path for growth. With FD Global’s assistance, we are closer than ever to reaching our goals.”

Corrivium is now working on custom software solutions that it believes will improve its success in the US.

“We’re also working on our marketing and roll-out strategies. It’s been exciting to see what we’ve achieved in such a short period of time,” added Steve.