Checkmate: How ‘Focused Thinking’ drives strategy and innovation

2020 has been a year of continuous and challenging change. COVID-19 has redefined normal. In response, our organization had to rethink everything to create a robust and creative business model to position us for future success. It has taken a great deal of intention, focus, resilience, and grit but we have never been more ready to tackle a new year.

We are enigmaFIT, a Cognitive Assessment and Leadership Development Company with offices in the USA, Europe, and Australia, requiring significant international travel. We work with a variety of multinational organizations such as The Boston Consulting Group, Anthem Insurance, Loews Corporation, Marsh and Scentre Group. enigmaFIT leverages the principals of Neuroscience and Fluid Thinking, by tapping into the brain’s inherent neuroplasticity to develop optimum brain balance. Brain balance improves a leader’s quality and speed of thinking, while also increasing their efficiency and productivity. This results in an enhanced capacity to be adaptable, agile, and flexible in the midst of continuous change.

In the wake of COVID-19, we found ourselves in an unimaginable position. As a service-based company, we were grounded and unable to physically meet with clients who were facing the realities of a potential recession. If this were a chess game, we were metaphorically in check. With our King threatened, we needed to pivot quickly. Daunted as we were, we kept playing, utilizing our capacity to strategize and innovate. We changed our strategy by shifting our attention off the chessboard and instead focused on the strengths of our pieces.

Like many other businesses, we leveraged off the capacity of digital platforms to extend our global reach and create effortless delivery for our clients. Importantly, we redesigned our offering by breaking our development program into smaller bite-sized modules that gave more flexibility to our clients. This allowed us to recalibrate the delivery model of our Cognitive Abilities Program and prioritize our recommendations to clients to provide the best return on their investment. The greatest of these was our ‘Focused Thinking’ module which is the foundation block of performance, productivity, and the capacity to pivot easily under pressure. ‘Focused Thinking’ underpins a leader’s ability to succeed by enhancing their brain’s sub-conscious attention habits, resulting in an exponentially improved capacity to control their focus.

We have learned this year that success relies on being able to pivot, innovate and rethink our go-to market strategy, and that ‘Focused Thinking’ in times of rapid change is the bedrock of a leader’s success. As we look to 2021, we invite you to consider what developing ‘Focused Thinking’ could add to your business and your leaders. If you are interested, we are offering a complimentary ‘Focused Thinking’ Assessment and Report. We offer this without obligation, simply because in these unprecedented times, we all need to come together and equip each other to succeed.

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Philip Campbell, CEO