Case Study: Enteruptors expands into the USA with FD Global

Enteruptors is a unique system that is improving one of enterprise businesses’ biggest headaches – risk and compliance. With compliance representing up to 50% of operating costs for many businesses and banks paying out billions in fines, entrepreneur David Jordan knew the industry was in need of disruption.

Enteruptors improves business performance by re-engineering risk, compliance, finance and strategy. As a result, financial institutions are empowered to embrace their digital transformation and become agile, data-driven enterprises.

With fewer than 100 financial institutions in Australia, however, it was a natural progression for David and his team to pursue opportunities to expand Enteruptors internationally. He was familiar with working across the UK and felt comfortable with its similarities to Australia, but was less experienced with the US market. He had seen many companies approach the US too quickly and knew that local, on the ground support would increase his chance of success.

That’s why he turned to FD Global Connection’s NYC Immersion Fintech program. Over the course of the program, David gained the experience needed to begin growing his business in the US market. He learned to embrace some of the cultural differences between the US and Australia and turn them into an advantage.

“Australian culture doesn’t promote boasting, and people tend to understate their achievements. The US culture, however, is the opposite and you need to really sell yourself. You need to be confident about your offering and be clear on what makes an Australian company better,” said David.

The program provided David with the knowledge and experience he needed to feel comfortable setting up a local sales team and has given him the confidence that the expansion will be a success. The contacts David made on the ground turned into the company’s first commercial contracts in the region.

“New York City can seem scary especially in the finance world. It is friendlier than you think – but you need to take the time to understand it,” said David.