Building the right connections with FD Global

Life moves quickly, especially in bustling cities like international New York City. And Australian designers and expats Sarah Saxty and Lauren Kozica found that their everyday handbags just couldn’t keep up with up with their fast-paced days.

That’s why the pair decided to start OVERT – a female-focused accessories brand making trendy, durable backpacks and handbags.

But OVERT is more than just products. Sarah and Lauren are building an active community of ‘city girls’ who are profiled on the company’s website and social channels – sharing their tips, favourite gear and experiences.

“We pack our bags and leave our apartment at 8am and don’t get home before 11pm. OVERT is a community of women who are doing it all, believing in ourselves and our ideas and helping each other along the way,” said Sarah.

First launched in 2014, OVERT has been bootstrapped and self-operated from day one and holding its own in an increasingly competitive consumer accessories market.

Sarah and Lauren knew that they would need additional capital in order to scale the business and expand their team. They turned to FD Global to help nurture the right connections. The pair teamed up with FD Global’s NYC Immersion program, joining female founders from Australia to participate in meetings, panel sessions and workshops on topics including marketing and financial and legal regulations.

“The marketing session was so insightful and clear. I found I was able to directly apply what I learned to market OVERT in a fresh way,” said Sarah.

“Having the opportunity to speak with investors was also useful for our business. Given the small size of the group, I was able to connect with the panellists on a more personal level.”

Sarah and Lauren said the insights they gained through the FD Global program will help guide their growth strategy moving forward.

“We’re proud to have reached this stage without external investment but now I know that with the right support, we can be the next multimillion dollar lifestyle brand.”