AGB Creative Continues To Bring Bold Ideas To Life Through Passionate Storytelling

“Iconic events help shape the cultural life of a city.”

That’s what AGB Creative Director and CEO, Anthony Bastic, sees as his company’s role – to enable a city’s cultural fabric to be felt, seen and experienced through light, colour, sound and story.

It’s something AGB Creative has been doing with flair and humility for nearly 20 years across Australia, Asia, Europe and the United States.

Nearing the end of 2022, the team reflects on some of their highlights and achievements.

“Towards the end of 2021, we were one of the first companies to tackle the re-emergence of public celebrations, and we haven’t looked back,” says Anthony. “More than ever, we can see the public is seeking authentic experiences. They want insights into local culture. They want to immerse themselves in the narrative of the place and the people.”

Going to the source to find the hidden story is a passion and philosophy for AGB Creative. The company doesn’t replicate events and activations in new locations – the team works to understand the culture and the people as the foundation for all other creative decisions.

We aim to connect audiences through shared cultural experiences,” says Anthony.

A perfect example is Parrtjima – A Festival of Light, delivered by AGB Creative in Alice Springs in April 2022.

“This was our seventh delivery of Parrtijima, which continues to delight, surprise and celebrate the oldest continuous culture on earth using the newest technologies.”

Through Parrtijima’s light installations, artworks, performances, interactive workshops, music, film and talks, AGB Creative has helped reinvigorate and reposition the Northern Territory of Australia as a bustling tourist destination and leader in Indigenous Australian expression. It also generates some $11 million for the local economy each year.

Thankfully, AGB Creative maintained strong industry partnerships and a resilient mindset through the worst of COVID-19, which helped them deliver EXPO2020 Dubai and ELEVATE Sydney in the midst of outbreaks and restrictions.

“For EXPO2020 Dubai, we have worked for a number of years to establish an overarching creative framework to showcase Emirati culture to the world,” says Anthony. “For ELEVATE Sydney in January 2022, we created a public festival on the Cahill Expressway, which was a first for Sydney. Plus, we brought the largest drone skyshow in the southern hemisphere to Sydney Harbour to tell the First Nations narrative. All of this during a rapidly changing COVID situation, which we proactively planned for with our clients.”

It has been a big year of achievements and Anthony’s proud of the contribution his team makes to the memoir of communities and cities. And there is more to come. The AGB Creative team is preparing for Noël Sydney, which will create a new Christmas tradition for the city by capturing the energy and excitement of the season through markets, music and lights – including a Christmas drone skyshow. They’re also hard at work on ELEVATE Sydney in January 2023, and a new digital exhibition at the WA Museum.

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