2nd December Event: Valuing Intangible Assets – Part 2

This is the second webinar in the two-part series and focuses on how to ensure your valuation captures your true value when scaling up.

A pitfall many companies fall into when establishing a valuation is coming up with an arbitrary number (“we are raising $10M and I don’t want to give away more than 33% so we are worth $30M”) or based on the hope that an investor will accept the company’s financial projections (which tend to be highly speculative in early-stage companies).

Both these approaches ignore the critical impact intangible assets (such as data, brand, confidential information, systems and processes, customer and supplier relationships, software, code, patents, and trademarks) have on a company’s value that can be orders of magnitude greater than factors such as historical cost of development or forecast cashflows.

So how do you ensure that your valuation captures the true value of your company and that you aren’t leaving money on the table or giving away too much equity as you scale up?

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